About us

In a word

myKamie is a French start-up that aims to revolutionize the way we write. Thanks to a pioneering device made of a body and four switchable writing modules, each Kamie can be 100% customized, and can be refilled and recycled.

Started in 2013 by Patrick and Pedro, myKamie comes from the nickname chameleons are sometimes given: Kamies change colors, and they are assembled and created according to your moods and needs.

myKamie's Missions

  • Revolutionize the way we write and the way we think a bout writing.
  • Allow you to have with you what you need. Today to express yourself, in the future for other needs.
  • Make your life more pleasant. Conceive smart tools, easy and enjoyable to use.
  • Provide you with the best solution. Write longer on less volume, use the most suitable material, re-use, recycle, biosource.

The three pivotal dates of myKamie

  • 2013

Patrick, the inventor of myKamie, notices the time people waste to change pens when writing, erasing, highlighting, underlining etc. The idea of myKamie is born. Patrick and Pedro create the start-up.

  • 2016

After three years of R&D, the project is now ready. From supply to assembly, and then distribution, myKamie works with European partners to create an ambitious and innovative writing device.

  • 2017

Invented in Lyons, launched from London, myKamie is sold everywhere in Europe and around the world.