A cocktail of genius

It adapts to your needs - myKamie in your image

You have everything you need with you, and only what you need. Nothing more, nothing less. With myKamie, you choose the functions you need and the colors you love. Match your Kamie to your mood — Anise-Orange? Steel Grey-Blueberry? All White? The choice is yours. Always.

It makes your life easier

Stop wasting time changing pens ! myKamie is made of four functions you can switch in the blink of an eye. myKamie is easy and pleasant to use: open and close it with just one finger.

Smart : myKamie fits into all pockets and because it's magnetized, it sticks to metal surfaces like refrigerators and whiteboards. And more :
myKamies also stick to each other !

Always losing your pen caps? Those days are over. MyKamie doesn’t need any cap: the body is the cap. And if you forget to close your highlighter, don’t worry, it can remain open for hours without drying out.

It is always available

Need a new refill or a fancy new function? Just flash the QR code that's on the refill and order from the website in a few clics.

It saves money

Small but powerful ! myKamie ballpoint refills outwrite many of its competitors — more than 1.5 mile of ink — now that’s a performance!

It is ecological 

With myKamie, refill, don’t discard.
At the end of its life, the refills’ material is easily recycled. Keep myKamie’s body, change only the refills.
Pencil mines and erasers are refilled endlessly, without even changing the tube.

Beyond its 1.5 mile writing length, the refill itself is ecological: because it uses 2 to 3 times less plastic, there’s 2 to 3 times less waste!
Biosourced ? Not yet, but we’re working on it.